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[pdf*] हस्तलिखित पूरा संविधान का पीडीएफ | handwritten Notes of Constitution Free Download

[pdf*] हस्तलिखित पूरा संविधान का पीडीएफ | handwritten Notes of Constitution Free Download

Handwritten notes of Indian constitution complete pdf download. All notes are available in Hindi language handwritten in pdf format. Download it free!
Handwritten Notes pdf

हस्तलिखित पूरा संविधान का पीडीएफ Hindi main download kare | Download free handwritten notes

Download pdf notes provides you important notes of indian constitution in hindi handwritten notes (hath se likhe notes) free pdf download links. These links are available in this page. We hope you will enjoy these notes and love it.
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Take a look at these MCQs, Qutestion and answer of indian constitution in Handwritten.

Try to solve these questions of indian constitution and answer in comments.

The Constitution of India is
  • a. Rigid
  • b. flexible
  • c. Combination of rigidity and flexibility
  • d. Neither rigid nor flexible 
Right to Freedom is guaranteed in which article
  • a. 17
  • b. 19
  • c. 18
  • d. 20
Directive Principles of State Policy is
  • a. Justifiable
  • b. non-justifiable
  • c. mandatory
  • d. None of these
Which of the following is not included in the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India-
  • a. Right to adequate means of livelihood
  • b. Right to Freedom
  • c. Right against Exploitation
  • d. Right to Equality
Part IV A of the Indian Constitution deal with
  • a. Fundamental Duties
  • b. Fundamental Rights
  • c. Directive Principles of state Policy
  • d. Citizenship
The procedure for amending the Constitution of India is
  • a. Rigid
  • b. flexible
  • partly rigid and flexible
  • d. None of these
The Directive Principles of State Policy have been adopted from
  • a. US Constitution
  • b. Irish Constitution
  • c. French Constitution
  • d. Canadian Constitution
Keshavananda Bharati case was associated with
  • a. Fundamental Rights
  • b. Directive Principles of State Policy
  • c. State right
  • d. Armed rebellion
The word ‘socialist’ was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by which amendment
  • a. 44th
  • b. 27th
  • c. 21st
  • d. 42nd
The word ‘secularism’ was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by which amendment
  • a. 40th
  • b. 42nd
  • c. 44th
  • d. 46th
Right to Property is included in Article
  • a. 32
  • b. 19
  • c. 31
  • d. 14
Right to Property was removed from Fundamental Rights by which amendment
  • a. 29th
  • b. 25th
  • c. 44th
  • d. 42nd

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