[Handwritten*] Complete Math Short Tricks for Competitive Exam in Hindi, English | Free PDF!

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[Handwritten Math Notes*] Complete Math Short Tricks for Competitive Exam in Hindi, English | Free PDF

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Handwritten math Tricks Free PDF

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Some Important Math Tricks | Make Easy to solve sums

A woman takes 3 hrs and 5 hrs respectively in going from point A to B then from B to A at 6km/hr and 8 km/hr respectively. What is the distance between points A & B?\

Short Trick :- Solve this sum with this tricks and get answer in second: d= (t1+t2)((a+b)/ab)

d= (3+5)((6+8)/48) = 8*(14/48) = 14/6 km.

Where t1 & t2 are the time taken, a & b are the respective speeds and d = distance.

Amazing tricks to solve Questions of and as | Multiplication By 11 in Seconds

A number is given to be multiplied by Eleven, Students can use the following method to calculate the answer.
Les us consider, you have 79*11. Put the number of 79 at units and 100’s place and put the total of that number in between. If the total exceeds 10 add 1 the digit at 100’s place thus bringing your right answer.
    ab*11 = a(a+b)b,

If a+b>10 add 1 to ‘a’ and keep the rest term intact. below is the sample question.
Calculate what is 79*11.

Short Trick :- This trick is applicable only when a number is said to be multiplied by ’11’ Here is a direct trick to solve this multiplication.

79*11 = 7() 9 = 7(16)9 = 869

Compound interest Short Tricks, Find Answer In seconds (Calculation of Multiple Interest of CI)

A loan is taken for more than 1 year and the rate of interest in varying for different years, you can directly use this short tricks given here to calculate the answer.

Short Tricks :-

Amount = P[1+R1/100] [1+R2/100] [1+R3/100]
where R1 = rate of interest for 1st year | R2 for the second year and so on.

How to Find square Numbers Near 100 | Short Tricks to Find Square in seconds

To Understand these tricks, take a look at given examples

96^ 2 :-
First calculate 100-96, it is 4
so 96^ 2 = (96-4)----4^2 = 9216
106^2 :-
First calculate 106-100, it is 6
so 106^2 = (106+6)----6^2 = 11236 EXAMPLE.An other case arises
110^ 2 = (110+10)---- 100 = (120+1)---- 00 = 12100
Short tricks to find Square of any 2 digit number within 1 second without practice
To understand this tricks take these example in mind
67^ 2 = [6^2][7^2]+20*6*7 = 3649+840 = 4489
25^ 2 = [2^2][5^2]+20*2*5 = 425+200 = 625
97^ 2 = [9^2][7^2]+20*9*7 = 8149+1260 = 9409
Please Notes:- This [] is not an operation, it is only a separation between initial 2 and last 2 digits EXAMPLE.
Here an extra case arises
Consider the following examples for that
91^ 2 = [9^2][1^2]+20*9*1 = 8101+180 = 8281

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